once upon a time, someone sang about a place where dreams come true:

Even though Kevin has interviewed and become close friends with many major stars in entertainment and sports, he admits it is the youngsters at Snowdrop and all those battling pediatric cancer that continuously provide him with the motivation and determination to keep running.

Snowdrop Foundation is a non-profit organization and the funds Kevin, Trish and their volunteer staff raise goes directly to college scholarships for pediatric cancer patients and survivors, worldwide. Additionally, Snowdrops’ donations help to continue the research at Texas Children’s Cancer Center.

"To date, we’ve awarded 93 scholarships worth nearly $300,000 and have provided some $500,000 to the hospital for research," Kevin says proudly.

"Without a paid staff, it’s through the diligence of my wife and our volunteers, our board of directors and belief in the good of what we do by the community, that we’ve been able to be as successful as we’ve been. But we still have a long way to go."

Supporters can donate through The award-nominated documentary film DEAR CHELSEY is available there as well.

"The film chronicles the reasons for the marathon run. It shows the story of each child that I ran in honor of and then presents the hardships and triumphs I endured through the journey, which pales in comparison to what the kids have to face, and hopefully, triumph over. It’s very emotional but in the end, the film is a celebration of life and what the human spirit is capable of overcoming."

And, much like the little girl whose adventure took her to the land called "Oz", the youngsters combating pediatric cancer at Snowdrop and around the world, just want to go home.

Writer: Stan Oliver.

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