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Hey, CyberSpacers! Each time you use Your Internet, your chair becomes the pilot's seat - and you are at the controls of a Super Cyberspace-Craft. But all that power comes with responsibility. Wherever you go in cyberspace - it is your ability to make the right choices that determines if you accomplish important missions, or fail.
Being adept with research is linked directly to achievement. Students who are proficient at mining the limitless resources of the Internet, finding exactly what they need, are those who gain the most. To the beginner, the sheer amount of information there seems unfathomable. The vast resources may appear like a huge library after an earthquake - with books scattered, mixed hopelessly together. Fortunately, there is an easy way to find what is needed on the Worldwide Web. Search engines are the motors of the Internet, they get you where you want to go. But being able to find reliable sources with search engines takes practice.
Youngsters should use search engines that have been adapted for kids. It makes it safer/simpler for them to find their way around -- to search for words and topics without inappropriate material thrown into the mix. The best filter technology looks for content - not just words that may have ambiguous meanings.
But some may ask, 'why do we need filters at all?' Or 'who are you to tell me where I can or cannot go in cyberspace?' In fact, CyberSpacers addresses the issue of why 'inappropriate' Web sites exist on the 'net.
The answer is - the Internet is worldwide. And just as in the rest of the world, you can find all kinds of people and ideas there, good and bad. The responsibility is at your fingertips. YOUR Internet - where you go, what you do - is a direct reflection of you - and it is your responsibility.
Exploring the Information Super-Highway can be fun and rewarding. Yet, like the driver of a car, you must be careful on this Highway - watch out for bumps in the road! Visiting Web sites that offer hateful, sexual, violent, or other poor subject matter is unwise and dangerous. These places may track your computer, which enables them to obtain personal information - and can lead them to you!

1) What 's the difference between 'searching' and 'browsing'?
2) How do I know if a Web site has accurate information?
3) Should kids have their own browsers and search engines?


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