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There is no such thing as 'cyber ethics'. Ethical behavior, the ability to make right judgment calls is the same no matter what the environment.
Alarmingly, a recent poll of nearly 50,000 elementary and middle school students revealed that nearly 50% of kids don't consider hacking a crime. Because we are in a horse race with kids who have adult computer skills and immature ethics, we must educate youngsters on the dangers and consequences of cyber-crime, and inappropriate online behavior.

The Golden Rule: 'Do unto others as you would have them do unto you' is a part of Netiquette. If you broke into someone's home, you may or may not get caught. But it is not the fear of being arrested which stops most people from breaking the law. Simply, it is having respect for others, and - respect for ourselves - that keeps us from violating the rules.

You don't break into homes and businesses to steal or vandalize - because you realize that is criminal behavior, and you are not a criminal. Likewise, you don't break into Web sites to steal or vandalize because you know hacking is wrong. In fact, hacking is a cyber-crime and cyber criminals do go to jail. A majority of hackers are teenagers who think their age will shield them from prosecution. How wrong they are!
Hackers - whatever their age - are tracked, arrested and prosecuted.
In addition to possible jail time, and heavy fines, these criminals lose the privilege of using computers and the Internet.

E-mail is also a privilege. Did you know it is a federal crime to steal someone else's mail? Even if it were not a crime you still don't raid your neighbor's mail box - because it is wrong. You would not expect them to raid yours for the same reason. Netiquette is self-respect and mutual respect. It applies directly to the Internet and to every day life. You don't open your neighbor's mail, so why even attempt to open their e-mail?

On the other side of the coin, accomplishing worthwhile goals will achieve self-respect and the recognition you deserve from others.
When youngsters take the CyberSpacers' Oath and Join the Team they make a commitment to conduct themselves in an ethical manner.
Respect & Protect YOUR Internet is to respect and protect yourself. Is that too much to ask for?

1) What 's the difference between etiquette and Netiquette?

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