CYBERSPACE, 2005 (D.O.T.) - The Boys Scouts of America should be praised and encouraged. However, the organization which teaches patriotism, courage, self-reliance, family values and moral virtue has been under attack.

Many of this nation's leaders have been Scouts, and throughout the years outstanding individuals from various walks of life have lent support as volunteers. Moreover, America has prospered from the leadership of those associated with the national organization. For a partial list of famous former Boy Scouts Click Here.

During its nearly 100 years of existence, the Boy Scouts never endorsed any one religion or promoted any religion above another. Boys from all faiths have always been welcome. Still, a thread that runs consistently through the history of the Scouts is the belief in God. And the Boy Scouts have always said so publicly. Of course, it is not against the law to profess a belief in God, even in public. Not yet, anyhow. Unfortunately, given recent misguided court decisions, it could soon be illegal to profess a faith in God in public places.

Recently, too, the national organization has dealt with other negative issues such as declining enrollment, inflated membership rolls from some state and local organizations, sex scandals, and, this summer the deaths of nine Scouts and leaders in five states from accidents and lightning.

And here comes the American Civil Liberties Union. The ACLU, which prevailed in having a statue of the Ten Commandments expelled from a public courthouse, now wants the Scouts expelled from using a military base, which they've used for decades. Why? Because, says the ACLU, of the Boy Scouts use of the word “God” in their oath.

F act is, taxpayers and citizens who support the Boy Scouts and their ideals are being told by the ACLU that they cannot spend their money to support the organization in the way they choose. The Boy Scouts of America has a distinguished history of teaching moral values, responsibility, love of country and God. Apparently, the ACLU and those courts that want to rewrite the Constitution of the United States rather than interpreting it, have no respect for the basic lessons taught by the Boy Scouts of America.

Fortunately, the U.S. Congress - both houses and both parties - along with President George W. Bush have shown support for the organization and an understanding of what scouting means to the future leadership of this country.

But, Be Prepared!

Famous former Scouts include President John F. Kennedy, actors James Stewart and Henry Fonda, baseball legend Hank Aaron, astronaut and ‘First Man on the Moon’ Neil Armstrong, Senator E. Benjamin Nelson, Dem. Nebraska and astronaut/Senator John Glenn.

Eagle Scout Paul Siple sailed to Antarctica with Commander Byrd in 1928. Since 1926, Boy Scouts of America honored American adults for noteworthy service to the nation's youth by awarding them the Silver Buffalo, the highest award in scouting. Recipients have included Walt Disney, Charles Lindbergh, artist Norman Rockwell, and Presidents Franklin D. Roosevelt and Ronald Reagan.

Some other famous former Scouts include:

Willie Banks - Olympian, Former World Record Holder, Triple Jump and Long Jump

Lloyd M. Bentsen Jr. - Former Secretary of the Treasury & Former United States Senator, Texas

The Honorable Bill Bradley - United States Senator, New Jersey

Milton A. Caniff - Cartoonist

William C. DeVries, M.D. - Surgeon and Educator (Transplanted first artificial heart)

Thomas Foley - Former Speaker of the House

The Honorable Gerald R. Ford - 38th President of the United States

Michael Kahn - Stage Director & Academy Award-Winning Film Editor

John Koncak - Center, Orlando Magic, National Basketball Association

James A. Lovell Jr. - Apollo Astronaut and Business Executive

The Honorable Richard G. Lugar - United States Senator, Indiana

J. Willard Marriott Jr. - Chairman of the Board and President, Marriott Corporation

The Honorable Sam Nunn - United States Senator, Georgia

H. Ross Perot - Founder, Electronic Data Systems Corporation and The Perot Group

Harrison Salsbury - Pulitzer Prize Winning Author

Togo West - Secretary of the Army


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