CYBERSPACE, 2007 (D.O.T.) - How many fifth graders do you know who have actually been part of the editorial process for a soon-to-be released exciting new book series? We know of only 21 - teacher Jeff Smith's students at Sabal Point Elementary School in Orlando/Longwood, Florida! The 21 students were selected by Noesis Publishing/CMS Intl in Los Angeles to help launch the National Reading Fantasy Adventures for celebrity magician/author Diana S. Zimmerman's thrilling first novel: "Kandide: Veil of the Mysts."

Diana-The-Enchantress' booksAnd the "Reading Fantasy Adventures" premiere event at Sabal Point Elementary is only the beginning! Plans are already in the works to launch reading adventures on a nationwide level and ignite the imaginations of kids everywhere by giving them a chance to participate in the real-life adventure of reading, writing and creating a book.

The first event at Sabal Point, hosted by teacher Jeff Smith and his 21 participating 5th graders was a smashing success; a fun-filled experience for the students, teacher and the author herself who received a standing ovation. "It was truly a magical time for all," Diana tells CyberSpacers. And who better would know the meaning of 'magic' - Diana was the most famous lady magician worldwide, known to millions as Diana-The-Enchantress, as she appeared on dozens of television programs.

"The event was a magical time from beginning to end," she explains. "But this is just the beginning for the "Reading Fantasy Adventures" program as we look forward to a national and worldwide campaign to encourage kids to read, to learn, to create and to have fun just being kids."

Diana-The-Enchantress with students - see the excitement!Diana interacted with the students in a lively, entertaining presentation that included the students' participation with story and character ideas. The program, founded by Noesis Publishing, will give valuable and perhaps even career-launching editorial credit to its advisory board of 5th graders from the Longwood classroom. Their ideas will be shared with other kids, teens, teachers and CyberSpacers nationwide via a new website soon to be linked right here.

Sensitive subjects tackled by Mr. Smith's fifth grade students included physical disability and behavior problems, handled both in the book's adventure and in the real world. "The fantasy adventure genre encourages enthusiasm for reading in young people and creates a pathway to understanding real world issues, too," the teacher noted.

Jeff Smith and Diana-The-Enchantress"Meeting the actual author of a book that will soon be in print and being part of the editorial process provided an exciting reader-enrichment opportunity for the students," adds Mr. Smith. And those 21 boys and girls from his class at Sabal Point Elementary School could not agree more!

As one young student, Cameron explained: "I loved reading Kandide: Veil of the Mysts. I loved the ending! Every time I expected one thing to happen, the exact opposite happened. It was awesome. I even want to read it again!"

Check out the Kandide Podcsts!

Check Back for "Kandide, Veil of the Mysts" exclusive updates.


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