Mercedes Benz For Cyberspacers

CYBERSPACE, 2007 (D.O.T.):

The new Benz, built with cyberspacers in mind...Very different....Very cool...

This is the new Mercedes Benz SCL 600 (that's "C" as in Cyberspacers)...

This car is really different. (Cyberspacers can handle it. Can you?)...

What's different about it, is what's so cool...

The new Benz is a cyberspacer's dream come true...

The new Benz Dot-Dashboard is way cooler to begin with...

Mercedes Benz SCL 600 brings cyberspacers down to earth...

No steering wheel, you drive it with a joystick! No pedals either. Can you drive with a joystick? Cyberspacers drive this way a lot! 4U older folks...yer kids and grandkids can drive it. Why? 'Cuz the new Benz is the virtual come to real life.

The influence of video games in our lives has really arrived, wouldn't ya agree? Cyberspacers rule!

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Your opinion matters
Where can I get one?
Jaganator, Orange Park, Florida
Impossible. The joystick would have to be in the middle with one's legs either side of it to operate with two hands.
Cynicaloldman, Daventry Northants, UK

Great car for my 16 year old granddaughter. Who is handicap no use of her legs.
Rich, yeagertown, Pa

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