CYBERSPACE, 2005 (D.O.T.) - Britain's Prince Harry, who is starting his army officer training, has been told to brush up on his IT, Information Technology, and other computer skills after reportedly failing a test at the elite Royal Military Academy Sandhurst.

Col. Roy Parkinson, protocol officer at Sandhurst, said that Harry underwent a series of tests, physical and academic, to measure his strengths and weaknesses ahead of his arrival for army training.

Harry "had no problem with the physical tests," Parkinson said, however, he offered no direct comment on the prince's ability with information technology and other computer skills.

Earlier, several news sources in Britain revealed that Harry, 20, had failed his computer skills test assessment.

"Although the computer test was a lot more complex than just sending emails, instructors were amazed that Harry failed it," a top British military source was quoted as saying, although the source refused to be identified.

"He seemed to lack the same skills as the other recruits," the source added.

Asked to respond to the report, Col. Parkinson said: "Every officer cadet coming to Sandhurst has a pre-course briefing, involving several tests.

"This took place for Harry in November because he was due to start in January," he said.

"One of the tests is a computer diagnostic test to detect what they have to brush up on before coming to Sandhurst," he said.

"Harry has not failed anything. It's not a case of pass or fail,” Parkinson explained. It's just a diagnostic test."

The consensus is, Prince Harry must get with IT.

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