CYBERSPACE, 2004 (D.O.T.) – Do you know your local librarian? The person who answers your questions and occasionally sends a "shhhh" in your direction? Well, a new librarian in Indiana won't be able to give you recommendations or quiet you down.

There will soon be a new librarian at work at Valparaiso University in Indiana. But this librarian won't get any days off because it's a robot. About half the library's collection is being been placed in steel bins, so robotic arms can fetch the books 24 hours a day. The robot limbs will drop the books off at a station where the human librarians can pull them out.

It's just one of the many modern features the Christopher Center for Library Information Resources will offer. The four-story, $33 million building will of course have plenty of computers, and study spaces, large classrooms, a cafe and four lounges with gas fireplaces.

"The building is very high-tech," says Rick AmRhein, university librarian.

“The current library has 450,000 books, but the university hopes to have as many as 600,000 in the new one.”

Reading is one of the main keys to success. And the new robot librarian is sure to be a helpful attraction to readers, young and old.

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