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CYBERSPACE, 2004 - Think of all the cyberspacers you have "encountered" on the Internet, but never actually met. Now imagine them living their entire existence within a computer. That is essentially what happens with The Sims Online.

It is a self-contained computer game that cyberspacers can play on your PC and you can create an entire virtual economy, with all the various types of people that you get in the real world.

For some people, a life online is better than the real thing, because some people think they can be more in make-believe than in real life. Last year, for example, Sim mobs turned up on virtual doorsteps, demanding protection money - payable in the online currency, called "simoleans." Don't think that this is trivial: right now, one million "simoleans" trades for $22 (12) on the auction Web site eBay.

Online economies can even intermingle with the real one. Last month, a court in Beijing ruled in favour of Li Hongchen who sued the operator of the online game Red Moon after his virtual money and weapons were stolen by a hacker. The court said that because the virtual goods had been acquired using his labor, time, cash and "wisdom", they belonged to him and had real value.

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