CYBERSPACE (D.O.T.) - When you 'Take The High Road' - it means that you choose to do what is best - even if it isn't the most popular or easiest way to go.

In this oftentimes complicated, topsy-turvy high-tech digital world, it's easy to get lost in a maze of bad, dangerous, and time wasting choices.

Take the High RoadWhen you 'Take The High Road' your view is focused and clear. And because there is less traffic, you'll travel faster than those who take the low road, filled with obstacles. The key to being in control on the High Road is how you respond to distractions.

Even when you've been shocked, insulted, or bullied, if you 'Take The High Road' - no matter how unfairly you have been treated, you will feel better about yourself.

If a person wrongs you, there's no need to seek revenge or let it worry you. "Take the High Road" and let them go the other way.

The High Road is open to everyone. However, those in the world of entertainment are often guilty of taking the low road instead. If movies, TV shows or stuff on the Web makes you regret wasting your time, 'Take The High Road'.

You may be surprised at all the benefits you get when you 'Take The High Road'. Not only do you feel better, but very often negative situations and individuals will turn around for the better simply because you did not 'litter the road' by doing or saying anything to make things worse.

When you 'Take The High Road' - you ignore the low road clutter of junk that is vile, vulgar and violent. You are free to do the right thing. You know you will reach your destination and goals and never have to look back while so many others stay stuck bumper-to-bumper on the low road. Don't feel bad for them.

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