CYBERSPACE, 2003 (D.O.T.) We don't all laugh at the same jokes. We don't all like the same music. We are not all the same religion, and we are not all from the same place. Still, like it or not - we are all on this one small planet together.

'HATE' is a four-letter word in English. But every language on earth knows how to say it. 'Hate' means you don't like something. It's only when we 'HATE' each other that causes trouble for the human race.

On 9-11-01 HATE attacked America, taking the lives of thousands of innocent people from dozens of countries that were working at the World Trade Center, in New York, and the Pentagon. America struck back hard and fast, and will continue to use its superior military might in the defense of the freedoms we cherish.

Defending freedom, however, is not just the sound of jets, bombs and guns. Freedom has a voice. It is called, 'VOICE OF AMERICA.

Sixty years ago, soon after the attack on Pearl Harbor, the first Voice of America broadcast across the Atlantic into Nazi Germany, with these words: "Here speaks a voice from America. We shall tell you the truth."

For decades, the Voice of America has told the world the truth about America and our policies, our liberties, and the inalienable rights of all human beings. Through a world war and a cold war, in crisis and in calm, the Voice of America has added to the momentum of freedom. And now, in a new conflict, we, as Americans, can proudly say that the Voice of America still speaks the truth strongly and clearly.

To people whose governments broadcast messages of bigotry and hate, the Voice of America sends a message of tolerance and respect. To people who are told that democracy is soft and weak, the Voice of America shows freedom's strength and determination. To people who live under governments that sustain their power with lies, the Voice of America brings the truth - and the hope for a better life.

Under some regimes, like that in North Korea -- simply listening to the Voice of America is treated as a crime. And the fears of these regimes are well-founded, because tyranny cannot survive forever in an atmosphere of truth. The Voice of America is not neutral between America and America's enemies, between terrorism and those who defend themselves against terror, between freedom and between tyranny. The Voice of America is a broadcaster with a special purpose, a special mandate and a special trust.

As President Reagan said, "Freedom is not the sole prerogative of a lucky few, but the inalienable and universal right of all human beings." The Voice of America spreads that message throughout the world, with special emphasis on those countries where information is restricted and free voices are silenced.

The Voice of America broadcasts in 53 languages, to nearly every country on Earth, reaching an audience of over 90 million listeners. Many are listening right now, exercising their God-given right to freedom, free access of information. And their numbers are growing every day. The Voice of America's new Middle East Radio Network will offer music, reliable news, and information in Arabic, and an opportunity to better understand American principles and American actions.

Even before our Armed Forces helped bring freedom to the Afghan people, the Voice of America was bringing them the news in languages of Dari and Pashtu. Since September the 11th, Voice of America has increased its programming in these two languages, serving as a vital partner in helping rebuild that country.

Throughout its 60-year history, Voice of America has applied the power of technology to the advance of liberty. It has used every means possible - short wave, television, and now the Internet, speaking to Cyberspacers worldwide -- to bypass the barriers of tyrants.

Radio waves are not hindered by borders. And as technology improves, the Internet will become less vulnerable to the censor's hand. No one knows what new information technologies will be available 60 years from now. But two things we do know: first, that the Voice of America will find a way to use them; and second, though these means of delivery may change, the message never will.

It's a simple message. It's a message of truth - that freedom is worth defending. And that truth, no less than the force of arms, is needed for the defense of our nation.

CyberSpacers now have a special responsibilty. Defend freedom and speak the truth so those in other nations who do not have freedom may understand. When you Respect & Protect YOUR Internet -- you not only have the eyes and ears of the world, you have the gratitude of your country.

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