CYBERSPACE, 2007 (D.O.T.) - MySpace has yielded new music deals, and now it's time for revenge -- Revenge of DeBUG© that is.

"I wouldn't play the revenge game with Kevin but it might've saved our marriage," says newly tattooed pop icon Britney Spears, fresh out of a one-day rehab stay. And while the now bald Britney has two-week relationships since her break-up with K-Fed, and Pamela Anderson spends her time campaigning against the KFC stamp - chief villain, DeBUG© - keeps millions of players downloading the game of REVENGE that bears his evil name.

It's a cash cow Disney wishes they'd milked, an idea that PBS would 'borrow' if they could. Paris Hilton admits she was playing the game on her dashboard computer while driving and mistakenly being pulled over for DUI (according to insiders). Just run Revenge of DeBUG in any search engine. The results tell it all: Cyberspacers everywhere love REVENGE.

Millions of players in over 150 countries worldwide can't be wrong. can't be wrong as the game consistently tops the Tracked Video category. What's right is right!

Naruto: Uzumaki Chronicles can't nail down REVENGE with a red-hot sparkling throwing star; WWE Wrestle Mania superstar, Batista, confirms he uses REVENGE to hone his motor skills as he readies for his next match; it is rumored that MVP is a huge fan of REVENGE, but failed to comment as such, only mumbling game scores; Clay Aiken, while undergoing his superstar makeover, spent so much time battling for REVENGE high scores with Kelly Clarkson, that the notion spread that the duo actually might be romantically involved. This is absolutely for sure: Pokemon's Diamond & Pearl and Dragonball Z can't hold a firewall to DeBUG'S REVENGE!

YouTube ACHTUNG! This ain't brain surgery. The rules are simple: Use your mouse and shoot the villains. Paula Abdul could play it while judging American Idol. In fact, she does according to those in the know. Paula recently told a pal that the REVENGE production team should conduct an American Idol-like casting couch reality show with contestants vying for roles in the live-action/animation big screen film version of the game. Negotiations have not yet determined whether Abdul will host the event.

High stakes poker player, Chris "Jesus" Ferguson, says that poker is more than luck. "It is a culmination of years of training and studying, if you want to play with the big boys." That's why "Jesus" plays the REVENGE game. "It's not the same old video game and it's great for building reflexes and refining one's attention, important skills needed to win high stakes poker championships," says a friend of Ferguson. "Revenge is sort of Jesus' Ace in the Hole."

Bet you can't make it through all six nerve-wracking levels! Don't feel bad, neither can Apple's Steve Jobs who says he's seriously considering bundling new and advanced tech-versions of Revenge of DeBUG© with the next phase of Apple's iPhone.

Stats from Limewire indicate that the UNLEASHED video that accompanies the REVENGE game outranks all other video shorts in their huge file-sharing network. "It's the most rank," says a Limewire exec who wished to remain anonymous.

It's estimated that Baywatch beauty and REVENGE whiz Carmen Electra has sent over 3,000 emails saying if you can beat her score, she'll send you tickets to Pussycat Dolls. Wrestler Trish Stratus knows it's important to take short breaks when bodybuilding. So she uses a timer and plays Revenge of DeBUG on her laptop, for that competitive edge, say insiders.

"REVENGE is a dish best served cold, and defeat, well, it's better not served at all," says world-famous chef Wolfgang Puck. "REVENGE is like serving cold cuts," adds Tony Soprano. "Success is the sweetest revenge," offers singer and former Miss America, Vanessa Williams.

Wikipedia has info galore. But it can't tell you how to take REVENGE. You'll have to strap on the Virtual Reality Glasses and try it for yourself.

"That doesn't compute!" says CyberSpacers host MC, the Magic Computer©, when fed the enormous amount of data authenticating the ongoing online success of arch-rival, DeBUG. "Worms, viruses and Trojan Horses are nothing to play around with," warns the heroic MC. "DeBUG must be stopped!"

"I want the world and I want it-NOW!" says DeBUG from his lair-hideout somewhere on DOT ISLAND©. "I didn't get trapped here in Cyberspace for nothing," says the villain whose irritating laugh sends chills up the spine every time players bite the cyber-dust.

"No one said this was going to be easy," adds the man-cockroach with a wicked laugh that will make your mouse squeak. "And don't you creeps bug me for the debug code!"



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