You chose to take Quentin to talk with a grown-up that you trust who will help to convince Quentin not to do this. Here's what might happen:

Stick figure Although Quentin might get mad at you, you are helping him by telling an adult about his activities. Breaking into computers is NOT a game: it's a very serious crime. Quentin could be arrested if he did not stop.

When someone breaks into a computer, it is often very expensive to fix the computer and make sure that it doesn't happen again. By telling an adult, and preventing Quentin from breaking into the school computers, you have probably saved your school a lot of money, which they can use on other things like new sports equipment, or even new computers. Congratulations! You made a good choice.

Think about it:

People who break into computers ("hackers") invade privacy. What is privacy worth to you? What information about you (or your parents) do you think is private: medical information? grades? how much money you have? how much money you owe? your letters to a friend? To a boyfriend or girlfriend?

Hackers destroy property and records. When you write something, how important is it to be able to find it again: an e-mail letter? a school paper? your bank records? How important is it that data in computers not be altered: your school paper? a letter? your grades? medical records?

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