You chose to send it to only to people you know really well who will know it's a joke. Here's what might happen:

Stick figure You send the computer "joke" to your friends. Unfortunately, it's not a joke at all - it destroys a computer's "hard drive, " which has copies of the operating system, and all personal files. It is very expensive and time consuming to restore a hard drive. Your friends are really mad at you. Sending a computer "virus" through the Internet is no joke. It is a crime. You could be in serious trouble, and you might even have to pay for the damage that you have done.

Think about it:

Computer "viruses" (programs such as this one) do a lot of damage to computers every year. This damage is very costly to repair. Be careful whenever you "download" (copy) a program from the Internet. It could have a virus. Use a virus scan program to check out the program BEFORE you put you open it or run it.

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