Meet the D.O.T.

Defenders Online Team!

D.O.T. starts in your computer - then travels Beyond Known Cyberspace with 'MC' - the Magic Computer - to face an endless line-up of cyber criminals, space monsters and challenging events.

D.O.T's mission - Defend cyberspace and protect earth against any and all evildoers who would destroy the future.

D.O.T. must always get back home safe and sound - in time to do their chores, and resume their normal lives.

Here are the Super Cyber Heroes who help protect cyberspace. Soon, you will be able to interact with their amazing adventures - and perhaps - YOU - may even qualify to join them as a special guest member of the Super Cyber Team.

No kidding! The D.O.T. needs your help in cyberspace.
Would you like to be in a Future CyberSpacers' Episode?
If you said, "Yes!" Take the Oath and Join the Team.
*(Only Official Super Cyber Team members qualify)*

Check in frequently at HEADQUARTERS for info that can put you in the picture as a "WWW" Super Cyber Hero!

Join forces with Digital Dave, Dot ORG, Tech-Whiz Tina & the one-and-only mighty SuperC

MC is mascot-&-mastermind of the Web's greatest cyber-crime fighting Super Team. Looks like an ordinary magician, right? Wrong! Because concealed from the evildoers lurking in the darkest corners of cyberspace - MC's alter-ego is SuperC!!
A wave of the wand turns the Magic Computer into the Internet's most powerful and dedicated hard-driving foe of crime.
But you don't have to take our word for it. Wave your mouse at MC
and witness the Super-Cyber magic transformation!

Listen to what SuperC says, "Stop cyber crime before it starts. Join the official CyberSpacers Super Team!"

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