Meet Digital Dave!

DAVE's room is a real-life virtual computer-game library. More than a room, it's a lot like a game testing lab. Name the game, and he's got it. Gets it that is, direct from the manufacturers themselves who must take very seriously Dave's ratings, and expert word on their newest and their future game products. That's because the 11 year-old is known worldwide as one of the great computer action game players on the planet.

Fortunately his dad, Big Dave, is a carpenter who has no problem adding the shelves and space Dave needs. Fortunate indeed! Because it was Big Dave's work at an electronic entertainment exposition that introduced the then-seven year-old to the bigwig game designers. Who would have guessed that one day Dave would unleash the awesome powers of the Magic Computer - and with his friend, Tina, save the planet.

Dave always loved working with tools of his dad's trade, and at five, could hammer nails almost as fast as a nail gun. Accompanying his dad to work, Dave was soon at the controls of a search-and-destroy (not his favorite type) game. To the astonishment of the Asian manufacturer, and the crowd that gathered, the boy reached and conquered twenty-one bone-crushing levels in record-setting time. After that, Dave proved himself time and again on game after game, and left the exhibit with fistfuls of software, and - contracts!

Although Dave enjoys competing against other great players and is proud of the trophies and awards he continues to win, he remains sensible, levelheaded, and a loyal friend to have. While not an outstanding academic student, he tries his best, and keeps his grade point level above average.

But Dave doesn't just sit at his computer all day long. "Action" is his middle name. Besides being a great soccer goalie -- hockey, skateboarding and snorkeling take up his free time when he's not playing video games. Still, blasting DeBUG and his evildoers right out of the cyber-universe, and beating E. E. MacPeacey at his own game, are Dave's favorite activities.


    Age: 11
    Birthday: December 21
    Height: 5'3"
    Grade: 7th
    Hobby: Video Games, Sports

    Dave's Interests: Video Games, Rock and Roll, Comic Books, Humor, Image Boards, Anime, Wrestling, Manga, Skateboarding, Dirt Bikes, Off-Road Racing

Follow the action with Digital Dave in D.O.T. Comics, and - check in frequently at HEADQUARTERS for info that can put you in the picture as a "WWW" Super Cyber Hero!

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