It's DeBUG!

Despite his being the most creepy, ugly, scary, and dangerous cyber-terrorist of them all, you may have to laugh at DeBUG. He has only himself to blame for the mess he's gotten himself into. And he's in it up to his antennas, which incidentally - can fire hi-voltage bolts of galvanic rays with stinging accuracy.

But there's really nothing funny about him, except maybe that he tries to act as if looking like a bug is the most natural of things. Actually, DeBUG is frustrated, angry and mean - a demented computer scientist with a sizeable chip on his shoulder. In other words, no different than when he was Dr. Hacker.

He wants nothing less than to rule all of cyberspace. To achieve his ghastly goal, he commands a gang of cyber-criminals and will not stop short of 'controlling or destroying' every computer program on earth. Wings and mandible above all other cyber-criminals, DeBUG was once human. But it was greed, a rotten attitude, total disrespect for others and bad breath that ultimately stranded him on DOT ISLAND, Beyond Known Cyberspace.

To regain human form, return to earth and accomplish his sinister scheme, DeBUG needs two small items: a special computer chip, and - his original, MC - Main Computer. Fortunately for us, the chip is well-guarded by the Super Cyber Team and Dot Family. And his old computer is now none other than MC, Magic Computer - AND the mighty SuperC - who leads the fight to stop DeBUG! Plus, he's got all four of his hands full with the mischievous E. E. MacPeacey, or is that Mac PC?! (That kid's gonna drive him bonkers!)

Nonetheless, DeBUG's genius for game designs produces a never-ending variety of cyber-monsters and situations that the kids have to face in order to keep cyberspace safe and free.

Follow the action with DeBUG in D.O.T. Comics, and - check in frequently at HEADQUARTERS for info that can put you in the picture as a "WWW" Super Cyber Hero!

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