Meet the DOT Family!

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Most scientists think that the universe began with a 'BIG BANG!' - a huge EXPLOSION. We do know that is NOT how Dot Island and its kindly inhabitants The DOT FAMILY came to be. In fact, it started the exact opposite way. A computer lab accident caused a huge IMPLOSION - zapped evildoer Dr. Hacker into his monitor, electronically transmitted/trapped him beyond known cyberspace.

Along with Hacker came individual bytes of computer information which reassembled on the Island as adorable individual characters = The Dot Family. The best-known members of the family are:

  • DOT COM - Mother - Easy-going, sensible one.
  • DOT NET - Father - Humorous, offbeat personality.
  • DOT ORG - Boy - Must learn to control his cyber abilities.
  • DOT EDU (Dottie-Do) - Matriarch - Wise, intelligent elder.
  • DOT GOV - Patriarch - Good-natured worrywart Mayor of Dot City.

About The Chip:

Hacker became the victim of his own evil plan. After trying to "BUG"/interfere with communication satellites, he reassembled on the Island as an insect-creature which The Dots called "DeBUG!"

The Dots kept DeBug from messing up cyberspace by playing hide-and-seek with a special, one-of-a-kind Round Microchip he had invented for crime. DeBug needs the chip to help in his sinister scheme to "control or destroy" cyberspace.

The Dots' very large extended family had been working hard to keep the Bug-Man frustrated, buzzing around their various domains in a frantic search for the chip. But they needed help.

The villain improved his technology, and had just snagged the chip, when - the Super Cyber Team showed up, giving DeBug the shock of his life.

Although they can't take the chip back to earth (it works like gravity, keeping the Island from spinning out of orbit) - the Team often must take it back from the evil scientist, and find a better hiding place for it.

Now, none other than 'MC' - Hacker's former Main Computer - leads the fight for Web freedom and safety - and has vowed to help the Dot Family keep the Net's worst villain at bay.

Follow the action with the Dot Family in D.O.T. Comics, and - check in frequently at HEADQUARTERS for info that can put you in the picture as a "WWW" Super Cyber Hero!

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