The fact that it happened will affect cyberspace forever! As a result of the accident in Hacker's lab - former bytes of computer information were transmitted beyond known cyberspace, and transformed into living beings. Intelligent critters with big, friendly faces, the Dot Family even has its own cyber-island, and an all-important computer chip that they must protect from the evil DeBUG.

The youngest member of the family, DOT ORG (short for 'organism'), is able to morph into just about any shape imaginable. This ability makes the cyber-kid a formidable nuisance for DeBUG - as well as a key member of the Super Cyber Team's 6-and-under division, The WeeBeez.

Just like a typical kid, ORG is often impulsive and too trusting - which can get him into dangerous situations with the villains and E. E. MacPeacey.

While still learning to control his fantastic morphing power, ORG looks up to Dave and Tina as Role Models - wanting to be like them when he's their age. At the same time, they count on his unique talent to help distract, confuse and trap the evildoers.

The Dot Family represents every nation on earth, with a rich mixture of heritage, cultures and traditions. Like all good parents, ORG's mom and dad - Dot COM and Dot NET - want him to grow up in a world and a cyberspace safe and free.

That's why the Dots fully endorse and encourage ORG's participation in the Super Cyber Team. Nevertheless, getting him to do his homework, and his chores, and keep his promises, is not an easy task where this energized cyber-youngster is concerned.

Follow the action with Dot Org in D.O.T. Comics, and - check in frequently at HEADQUARTERS for info that can put you in the picture as a "WWW" Super Cyber Hero!

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