It's Prof. E.E. MacPeacey!

E.E. MacPeaceyBeing the product of genetic engineering didn't make this 10 year-old a perfect boy. However, it did make him a particularly brilliant, smug little rascal.

E.E., or 'Mac' as he prefers to be called, is the smartest kid ever designed, err.. born. Actually, Mac was brought into this world from a series of test tubes, a lad of mixed cultures, the result of years of scientific study and experimentation.

His 'parents' - an international team of experts in genetics, gave him 'Designer Genes' - pre planning his DNA code. They knew what they wanted, got that... plus some very unexpected surprises.

Immediately able to talk, baby Mac arrived thirsting for knowledge - and - hungry for food, junk food to be exact. With none available, the brat stunned everyone in the delivery room - shouting rude orders in several languages until, finally - they delivered his first pizza.

With a built-in appetite for learning, Mac earned three graduate degrees before his 2nd birthday. A few years, and several dozen more degrees later, he had absorbed everything worth knowing on the Web. Questing for bigger challenges, he started the 'Ex-Files' - to explore whatever is beyond known cyberspace.

The ultimate Internet security pro, Mac knew that Web Master Criminal Dr. W.W. Hacker had mysteriously vanished while attempting to 'control or destroy' all the computers on earth. He developed a theory about Hacker's disappearance, and that of his powerful Main Computer.

To prove his theory, Mac invented the Super Cyber Search engine. Using it, he created files on a variety of unidentified cyber phenomena, most caused by The D.O.T. vs. DeBUG in their battles to save Earth. Discovering a portal to Beyond Known Cyberspace, Mac is projected into the thick of the action - interacting with all players on Dot Island - but only for his own motives and advantage.

With the ability to transmit his image in the form of a holograph - wisecracker Mac 'advises' Dave, Org and Tina. Likewise, he delights in outfoxing the villain and his evil henchmen - hoping to trap them, bring them to justice - winning the glory and huge reward for himself. Oh, yes. In case you were wondering. The E.E.? It stands for = Double EGO.

Mac plans to reprogram MC for his own exclusive future adventures - beyond known cyberspace.

Follow the action with E. E. MacPeacey in D.O.T. Comics, and - check in frequently at HEADQUARTERS for info that can put you in the picture as a "WWW" Super Cyber Hero!

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