Dr. W. W. Hacker

Before he became a cyber-terrorist-insect, DeBUG was Dr. W.W. Hacker, future-games designer. When his bosses refused to finance his outrageous experiments in Cyber-Time-Travel - Hacker hatched a plan he thought would make him appear like a hero to the Worldwide Web, and get him the money he wanted.

He began by sabotaging his company's games with his own secretly made faulty chips, costing his bosses millions of dollars. When he 'came to their rescue' - he was still refused funding for his experiment. Hacker snapped! He was hacking and destroying his company's most sensitive files, when he was caught - and abruptly fired.

Flipped out, greedy for power and fame, Hacker decided to plot an international cyber-war - altering communications satellites to spread a global database virus. His plan was that he alone would 'find the cure' - save cyberspace - and be hailed a hero.

But while adding billions of extra megawatts into his Main Computer - a short circuit caused a catastrophic lab accident. Imploded into MC's monitor, Hacker's molecules were altered electronically and whisked beyond known cyberspace!

When his atoms reassembled on a CD-shaped cyber-island, the man who wanted to 'BUG' the world had become the hideous Bug-Man.

At the same time, the implosion created DOT ISLAND, and its friendly residents who knew immediately they had to protect their home, and indeed earth itself from the creature they called, 'DeBUG!'

Hacker wants to regain human form, and complete his plan of ruling cyberspace. And he's got a gang of bad-guys to help him. But in order to do that, he must escape from the island, and defeat the D.O.T. = Defenders Online Team. That's your Super Cyber Team, the force that stops cyber-crime before it starts.

We got news for all the Dr. Hackers out there - all those who would vandalize, destroy or steal others' property. If you hack - the law stings back!     And D.O.T. is good news.

Follow the action with Dr. W. W. Hacker in D.O.T. Comics, and - check in frequently at HEADQUARTERS for info that can put you in the picture as a "WWW" Super Cyber Hero!

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