DeBUG's Gangsters!

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The evil DeBUG, a.k.a. Dr. Hacker commands several other cyber-criminals who help in his quest to rule cyberspace. Incredibly, none of them are human. ShortFuse, the worst tempered evildoer of them all, is a prime example of modern technology gone wrong.

ShortFuse was originally the electric meter in Hacker's laboratory. During the computer lab accident that created The Dot Family, and indeed the predicament that turned Hacker into a cyber-monster - the meter was electronically transmitted beyond known cyberspace. It reassembled on Dot Island as a mindless beast having a bad temper.

With a glass bowl head covering its menacing meter face, ShortFuse is ready to explode any cyber-time! As it gets angrier, the fuse on top gets shorter. When the fuse reaches the bowl = KA-BOOM! But then, it just puts on another bowl, and goes right on following DeBUG's commands. Until, that is, it gets mad again, and the fuse grows shorter and shorter, and..

Also created during the lab accident, Live-Wire is exactly that = a former extension cord who's now a dangerous, energized, sizzling, slithering-snake of an evil shocker. When Live-Wire stings - it can totally disrupt The Dots' personalities, and affect Tina and Dave's ability to control the Super Cyber Spacecraft. Worst of all, Live-Wire's bite could put MC's delicate program system and hyperlink-up connection out of action, causing the Super Cyber Team to become lost in cyberspace.

Back on earth, the Monitor Lizards pose the greatest threat to MC, Dave, Tina, and CyberSpacers everywhere. Using virtual reality headsets to communicate with the Lizards, DeBUG gives the orders and they obey. Why? Invented by Hacker, they are actually life-like cyber-androids! Led by PC-MAXINE17, his most sophisticated and attractive model, the cyber-gangsters use the old lab as a hideout, a computer repair business for cover, and an electric-powered hi-tech van to search, and if necessary, destroy the mad scientist's former Main Computer. Their only goal is to locate and reprogram MC for evil.

Follow the action with DeBUG's Gangsters in D.O.T. Comics, and - check in frequently at HEADQUARTERS for info that can put you in the picture as a "WWW" Super Cyber Hero!

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