MC = Magic Computer!

If you think that all computers are magical, you're 100% right. There is however, only one Magic Computer!

Like a child from a 'bad family', MC was able to overcome a sad start in life to become an enchanting foe of cyber-crime. As a small desktop belonging to a mad computer scientist, MC was Dr. W. W. Hacker's Main Computer = and programmed for evil.

MC explains: "Hacker was obsessed with power. He wanted to rule cyberspace. He used me to experiment with Cyber-Time-Travel. I was to go back in time, so he could rewrite databases - and history for his own benefit.

"Fortunately, a short-circuit megawatt collision changed that - and more. The lab accident temporarily clouded my monitor - but I saw the cyber-light."

With Hacker gone - imploded into MC's monitor, and stranded on Dot Island as DeBUG - MC was soon dumped in a garbage can. He explains:

"When they cleaned out Hacker's lab, they thought I was a useless piece of junk. I was headed for the trash compactor, when Tina saved my life.

"Now it's up to the kids and me to keep cyberspace safe and free. We must stop all Hackers, those cyber-criminals who would destroy the future."

Amazingly, the Magic Computer can be in two places at one time! He transports the kids to and from cyberspace - while simultaneously going with them as the Super Cyber Team's magical mascot. Incredibly, while MC is in cyberspace - he also remains the old desktop computer in Tina's tech-workshop!

In space, MC is able to produce 3D images - they jump right out of his hard-drive hat!   This cyber-power is useful when facing cyber-villains and alien forces. Besides that, the mild-mannered mascot can also assume the identity of SuperC, cybercrime's greatest foe.

The Web's good-will ambassador, MC invites cyberspacers of all ages to Take the Oath and Join the Team - for the good of cyberspace.

Follow the action with MC, the Magic Computer, in D.O.T. Comics, and - check in frequently at HEADQUARTERS for info that can put you in the picture as a "WWW" Super Cyber Hero!

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