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The Web's Mightiest Crime Fighter!

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SuperCNot even MC, the Magic Computer had any idea just how far his magical ability could go. The impish little guy was proud enough being the one who brought the Super Cyber Team together. Still, MC always yearned to do more in the face of cyber-evil.

No one, including MC, knew what was going on that first time he transformed into his secret alter ego - the Web's most powerful high-flying superhero. Luckily for the D.O.T. = Defenders Online Team - it happened exactly when they most needed help.

Digital Dave's action-game skills were being pushed to the max as the Team was under attack from a huge, ever-growing alien force that DeBUG kept creating with furious fiendish ferocity!

Even Tina's tech-wizardry could not crack the code needed to slow or repel the overwhelming onslaught. With their Super Cyber Spacecraft trapped in the midst of the alien ships - it looked like the end of the line. DeBUG was already celebrating his 'sure' victory, when suddenly, from beyond known cyberspace - SuperC flew in to the rescue!

With pure brawn, brainpower and the agility of a super cyber flying black belt martial arts champion - SuperC quickly had DeBUG confused, and the saucers crashing into each other. While Dave was battling with the rest, Tina had time to solve the program key - vaporizing the remaining evil forces into nothingness.

More frustrated than ever, the Bug-Man realized he now had another powerful enemy to reckon with. Yet, the cyber-villain, in his bugged-out twisted mind could never have imagined who this new SuperHero really was. More importantly, DeBUG knew he had to find a way to destroy the mightiest cyber-crime fighting computer of them all!

Dream on, DeBUG. Your worst nightmares are still to come!

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Follow the action with SuperC in D.O.T. Comics, and - check in frequently at HEADQUARTERS for info that can put you in the picture as a "WWW" Super Cyber Hero!

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