Meet Tech-whiz Tina!

TINA's father is a computer repair shop owner and technician who proudly calls his only daughter 'the Mozart of computer science.'
Although she blushes at the comparison, her friends, family and teachers agree. Tina's fantastic award winning computer projects and the offers she's been receiving from universities only tell part of her amazing story.

With her tech-wizardry, Tina was the perfect person to find MC and join forces with Digital Dave and DotOrg to form the Super Cyber Team. In the brain-power department, she has more in common with E. E. MacPeacey - but unlike him, she's a team player and not just out for herself.

At barely the age of two, Tina started tinkering with computers, and, by the time she was four was already able to take them apart and put them back together! Encouraged by her mother, a high school science teacher, Tina was working online by the time she finished the 1st grade!

But Tina doesn't just excel only in computer science. She also loves life, space, physical, weather, earth, political science and even sci-fi. "I think it's very exciting when science-fiction becomes science fact!"

Still, don't let her near straight-A grade-point average fool you. Tina is a twelfth-degree balck belt in the martial arts and competes in kick-boxing. But she's one of the nicest, easy-to-like and most down-to-earth popular girls you'll ever meet. President of her school's Chat Club - she and her classmates have become friends with other kids from all over the world. At home, she enjoys playing tennis with her nine year-old younger brother, but admits he can 'be a pest sometimes, too.'

Soon, you'll be able to chat directly with Tina and her friends right here - inside TINA'S CHAT ROOM!


    Age: 10 years old.
    Birthday: June 21
    Height: 4'4"
    Grade: 7th (helps teach tech science.)
    Hobby: MMA (Mixed Martial Arts)

    Favorite Sports: Tennis and gymnastics.
    Sports Star: Venus Williams ("Venus is a great name for her. The way she plays is out of this world!")
    Pets: A big orange cat named 'Bingo,' T-Key the parakeet, and 'Goldie' a Golden Retriever puppy.
    Favorite color: All. ("I just love rainbows.")
    Hobby: Designing Web sites for her friends.
    Her goal: To be a teacher or tennis pro.
    Favorite Expression: "E-GADS!"
    Pet Peeve: Having to keep the "MC" a secret. ("It's necessary to use the Magic of Computers - for the good of cyberspace, and the world.")

Follow the action with Tech-whiz Tina in D.O.T. Comics, and - check in frequently at HEADQUARTERS for info that can put you in the picture as a "WWW" Super Cyber Hero!

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