CyberSpacers’ nline Club
for Kids 6-and-Under


With all the magic, wonders and fun to be found in cyberspace for kids, encourages parents to make computer use a centerpiece for quality family time. To establish a sense of ethical behavior early on, responsible adults must supervise their kids as they begin playing e-games and exploring the Web.

Parents of young CyberSpacers need to check out children's Web sites and restrict access only to those that they determine to be appropriate. While most kids 6-and-under are mere beginners, they may also be smart, quick learners. Using a pre-screened, child-safe search engine, such as Yahooligans is a wise idea.

WeeBeez© is a club for CyberSpacers 6-&-under AND their parents! When you join WeeBeez you will be joining with other parents who care about their kids gaining positive results from online experiences.

WeeBeez is the place where young CyberSpacers receive deserved recognition for good computer behavior and achievements - while their parents share ideas, stories and recommendations. Contact us for info.

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